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Sexual health seems like one of the taboo subjects today. Men are stereotypically supposed to be the strong, silent type. And manliness is defined as being sexually dominant and available. 

According to the UK National Health System, one in ten men have a problem relating to sexual health. Yet age, alcoholism, smoking, stress, toxic environmental and food issues, and a range of other issues affect male sexuality. We would not be surprised if the true number were higher. 

Sexual health is usually divided into three elements: 

  • Sexual desire (libido)

  • The ability to get and maintain an erection

  • The absence of sexually-transmitted diseases. 

Male libido, sexual desire and sexual ability are increasingly correlated with lifestyle factors that include stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and improper diet, low testosterone, relationship issues, smoking, alcoholism and others. 

Additional issues such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and urological damage may also play a role. 


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LIBIMASCULINE is one of the first natural food supplements for boosting male libido.


Unlike Cialis or Viagra, Libimasculine relies on natural compounds to provide a lasting effect on male libido and sexual energy. 

Whether due to stress or fatigue, men at all ages often face problems with sexual performance, including weak erections and low sexual energy. 

LIBIMASCULINE is a safe and natural food supplement, with no heart risk. The active ingredients include asafoetida, extract of Ginkgo Biloba, zinc and Vitamin C.


  • Increase sexual energy and desire

  • Improve blood flow 

  • Increase confidence. 

The normal course is to take one pill per day, for 30 days. Results may be seen in the first 10-15 days, or thereafter. 

Please note that LIBIMASCULINE is a food supplement: it is not a pharmaceutical, and may not have the same effects on different people. 

It is not a substitute for a complete medical check-up, and will not solve underlying medical causes. 


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