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Outdoor Oriental Sculpture


For most of our lives, we are taught to take care of others. Our school grades and college choices. Our brothers and sisters. Our pets. Our careers.


But what about ourselves? At what stage does taking care of ourselves become a necessity, not selfishness? 

For many of us, it comes after a failed marriage, when we understand that we have spent all our time serving others, and none serving ourselves. 

For others, it is the symbolic age of reaching 40, when you realise that the vast horizons and possibilities seem to be closing in: that your life is governed by limits rather than their absence. 

For others, it is the fact that our metabolism starts slowing down, and our bodies start changing much more rapidly that we though was possible. 

Whatever your circumstances, it's time to slow down and discover yourself. 

Life is meant to be lived. 

This may sound simple, but somehow it has become one of the biggest challenges we face. 

We are all busy; stressed; chasing that next goal. 

We are all committed: to our families, our jobs, our homes, our communities. 

Whatever time we have left is spent anxiously surfing the news, or mindlessly surfing social media. 

Maybe we should do things a little bit differently. 

Maybe we should focus less intensely on the adrenaline crazy of modern living, and focus a little bit more on ourselves. 

Maybe we should fight not for more external responsibilities, but for an hour of quiet every day where we focus inwards, and gain a measure of tranquility. 


Debene is about wellness. It is about living in the moment, listening to yourself and loving yourself. 

It is about that point in your life when you realise the old way of living your life is no longer good enough.


It is about taking care of your body, but also your soul: that deep core of identity, ideas, creativity, memories and aspirations that constitutes your deepest self. 

Explore our website and use it to turn a new page. 

Like you, we are just starting out on our journey of discovery. 

We will be adding to our resources, knowledge and products daily. And we will be expanding the range of suppliers we work with in an effort to bring the best products to you. 

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