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Image by Natalya Zaritskaya


DEBENE is about the Art of Life.


Together, we embark upon a journey of wellness.


We travel the world seeking truth and the benefits of knowledge. 

We source science-based products rooted in nature that promote wellness and health. 

We review scientific literature on health and wellness and share the results.


We learn from the tangible experiences of yogis, coaches, authors and extraordinary people all over the world.

Founded in 2020, we are building a world-wide community for health and wellness. 

For most of our lives, we are taught to take care of others. Our school grades and college choices. Our brothers and sisters. Our pets. Our careers.


But what about ourselves? At what stage does taking care of ourselves become a necessity, not selfishness? 

For many of us, it comes after a failed marriage, when we understand that we have spent all our time serving others, and none serving ourselves. 

For others, it is the symbolic age of reaching 40, when you realise that the vast horizons and possibilities seem to be closing in: that your life is governed by limits rather than their absence. 

For others, it is the fact that our metabolism starts slowing down, and our bodies start changing much more rapidly that we though was possible. 

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Carefully crafted from natural ingredients, Libifeme is designed to improve lubrication, blood supply and cell repair. 

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We sell food supplements designed to improve health and wellness. All items are produced in the European Union and have been registered with national authorities.

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Knowledge, research and awareness are at the heart of Debene. We actively research the foundations of wellness, including health, diet, exercise, relationships and libido. 

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We are currently working with three European food supplement suppliers. Each supplier is committed to high quality production and operations. 

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